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Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke is the Rolls Royce of the suit family.

Construction, style, comfort and amazing to own. The Rolls Royce is nothing without its fantastic engine as a bespoke suit is nothing without the finest canvasses and inners.

Many can build the engine but adding the design and clean lines takes style, this is what Owen Scott is known for and is what changes the suit in to the Rolls Royce.

Here at Owen Scott you have it all, we thrive on our skill, flare and passion for the construction and design and like to think we are the driving force in the tailoring industry daring to be different from the usual. Anything is possible, the only limit being your imagination.


This is when you choose from the world’s best cloths from the famous Huddersfield mills, along with picking your style, cut, linings, and buttons, we can go on…


This fitting is when you can test drive your suit. Tweaking and perfecting them clean lines to achieve the perfect end result.

DRIVE AWAY 2nd FITTING (8 weeks)

We hand you the keys and you go out in style. But don’t worry if you don’t have the car to match, that’s the joy you see, and you can have that feeling of owning your very own Rolls Royce time and time again.

Bespoke Tailoring

Owen Scott Bespoke suits are a luxury item encompassing elegance, style, comfort and the perfect fit.

A bespoke suit can seem quite daunting to some, but Scott the owner/tailor has tried to make the atmosphere,process as relaxed as possible, even putting a coffee machine and a chesterfield sofa in his flagship store.

Scott believes in moving with the times(i.e not being the typical old fashioned tailor store) and opening his doors to all from that gentleman requiring a special one off suit for his big day, to solicitors, bankers, and the rich and famous. So whatever walk of life you are from Owen Scott will welcome you with open arms.

There will be an initial consultation to choose cloths, styles etc, followed by a fitting 4 weeks later where the garments will be basted together(part made) to which adjustments will be done for the perfect fit. The Suit will then be finished on the 8 week mark.

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Types of construction

Owen Scott offer two types of construction

1. Half canvas (padded lapel)

2. Full canvas (hand made)

Tips for asking your tailor the right questions

Bespoke Tailoring: The Rolls Royce of the suit family - Find out more

Alteration Services: Carried out by our in house tailors with free advice as standard - Fined out more.

Finest Cloth

Huddersfield Cloth

Each garment is individually tailored at our shop in yorkshire using of course the finest Huddersfield cloths available from an array of miils/merchants. Dugdale Bros, Taylor and Lodge, and Scabal to mention a few. "MADE IN ENGLAND"

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We also stock a wide range of cloth online including:


We offer a range of Alteration Services, carried out by our in house tailors with free advice as standard - find out more.

Our Locations

Our flagship store is located in Huddersfield, the home of cloth, but we can also take bookings at our sister sites, located in Leeds and in Scabals famous store on Savile Row, London.

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